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*OPENING WEEKEND + PICS* [Oct. 8th, 2007|02:48 pm]
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Hey everyone!!! Not much long to Halloween - woot woot!

So, Friday was my first day at Six Flags' Fright Fest - I took 2 years off, and came back this year (I worked when I was 16 & 17 - in 03 and 04) and then 2005/2006 I was down in so-cal, but this year I came back - no longer a minor *dances*, so, yay! Friday was pretty quiet - suprisingly for a holiday weekend - Im well aware its not a NATIONALLY RECOGNIZED HOLIDAY - but still, some people had no school or anything today, anyway, Saturday I took a trip to so-cal for Universal Studios Halloween Horror Nights - which, if you're a die-hard Halloween fan, love to get scared - or just love to have a look at all the amazing sets, mazes, make-up, costumes, prosthetics - seriously I have a field day every time i go - I think the words, "holy hell - that rocks!" must have come out of my mouth at least 300 times in the 7hour period they were open. The park was based on Jack the Clown and his Carnival of Carnage, and his 'sidekicks' were Michael Myers, Leatherface and Freddy. We stopped in each of the scare zones and watched the ever amazing SLIDERS (zombies who have metal plates on their shins/knees/shoes and arms and they run and slide on the pavement - it creates sparks and also scares the crap out of people).

We hopped on, The Terror Tram, which is the normal tram during the day at Universal that takes you on a tour of the backlots and in movie sets, they transform it obviously during the night and as you're driving in the tram there is a, "technical problem" that causes you to have to get off the tram and walk through a few of the sets - including the actual plane crash set with a Bowing 737 (i believe thats the plane), that they used in War of the Worlds with Tom Cruise - and its all Zombie-fied... :) Jack the Clown and his 'sidekicks' also make several appearances throughout the walk along the backlot.

We hit all 4 haunted houses, The Texas Chainsaw Masarce - back in business - was good, this one actually caused me to cower AWAY from someone - I screamed once - it actually takes a lot to really scare me and even more to make me move out of the way of something - my defense mechanism when someone scares me is to flip my hand in the air toward the object that scared me - luckily, no one I've come in contact with has gotten a black eye as a result of my spazoid - ness. Anyway, the house was amazing - their attention to detail is AMAZING! And the one and only thing that bothers me (and made me scream and jet away from that area of the house - only to have the guy follow me outside), is when one of the scareactors came up behind me and did this sort of snort kinda thing, its like when you snore only they expand the sound - it sounds like they're snarling almost, and he came right next to my ear and did that for the last few rooms of the maze. They also had it rigged to whenever they, "sawed" into someone with a chainsaw, water would spray out on you like it was blood from the body - its amazing how effective that was on people.

Out of all the houses Texas Chainsaw Masacre was my fav, the detail was great, and the fact that it scared me a bit - was really what sold me on it. We hit the other three houses after that, A Nightmare on Elm St.: Freddys Nightmare this one was rigged up as an Insane Asylum, Universal House of Horrors (this one was great because before you went in the actual maze, the Que Line, weaved through the building and they had famous movie set pieces from all kinds of horror movies - Jaws, Chucky, the dolls from 'Dead Silence', this house is actually open Year Round at Universal and I've been in it before - its super cool), and lastly, Friday the 13th: Camp Blood, which was fun, again, detail is amazing - all the houses' details rocked.

We caught Chuckys Insult Emporium, Kevin James' Dark Magic and Dirty Tricks, and Slaughterworld (which is the halloween version of their normal daily 'Waterworld' based on the movie.)

All in all it was good. Come Sunday morning though I was totally dead, I'd been up since 6am Sat morning, we were at Universal from 6pm-2:30am Sunday morning, and then I had to leave LA at 6am to make it home by noon so I could be at work from 2-9pm. It was fun, but very very tiring - my next step is to go work at Universal Next year for Horror Nights - and I totally plan on it... :)

So - sorry to have made that so long, for anyone interested in checking out more about Halloween Horror Nights at Hollywood and Orlando, you can check it out at: www.halloweenhorrornights.com.

x-posted all over the place... :)

And.... onto some

Sorry for some of them being blurry - I had just bought a new camera not more than 3 hours before and was still playing with the settings - plus, the fog machines were blowing everywhere...

One of the zombies in the War of the Worlds set, you can see part of the plane behind her.
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Jack the clown (orange hair and red jacket), and one of his fellow clowns - the machine thats behind him was so cool - a girl could be seen from the waist up and they would crank a wheel and she'd move backwards into the machine and bit and water (with a red light hitting it) would spray out on people as they passed - made it look like she was getting ground up)
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Me with one of the 'Slider' Zombies -and of course my cool contacts
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One of the guys down near the Texas Chainsaw Masacre house and his Chainsaw
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no comment... lol
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Another Zombie in the Backlot on the War of the Worlds set
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Anyone recognize this?? Norman Bates' Mamma - down at the Bates Motel Set
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One of the zombies in the backlot
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My sis and I being dorks on the tram ride into the backlot
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again... no comment...
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The front entrance to the park
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and the sign
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My make-up from Friday Night
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Sunday night Make-up
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From: lifeinthestarz
2007-10-08 10:45 pm (UTC)
yeah - the hurrying up and getting to work was like *gun->head* - BUT, it was one of those 'hurry up and wait' moments at work - I got there and was done with makeup and costuming by 3:30 - and we didnt start our "Funeral Precession" and opening the houses until 5:30.
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