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*Give me a 'CHEERLEADERS ROCK TO SCARE!!' * [Oct. 14th, 2007|09:53 pm]
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So, after the boring-ness that was last weekend - honestly we had a few hundred people come through the house each night, and many times it was some of the same people using their wrist band to its full advantage. I was about to start hating the job - I couldnt get the vibe, and felt like I was a wallflower, but I knew I needed to stick with it and soon things would pick up. So, Friday the weather took a random turn and instead of raining in the morning and clearing up for the afternoon/evening - it POURED!! We all showed up and clocked in, and one hour later we were scrambling back to the ESO to clockout and go home. BOO!! But, its alright, Saturday rolled around and boy - WE FREAKIN ROCKED!!!. Seriously, its days like Saturday that make me smile and say to myself, 'this is what you work your butt off for'. For those who have never worked in a haunted house or something similar there is absolutley NO words to describe that feeling of excitment and pure awesomeness that runs through your veins when you scare a guest - especially when you scare a guest, OUT OF THE HOUSE SCREAMING AND TRIPPING. I changed my spot - from a "Murdered Camper", to a "Blackout", Blackouts (aside from a Zombie in Zombie Zones) are the BEST positions to have in a Haunted House. You have free range throughout the entire house, you're in an all black "grim-reaper-esque" pullover (you guys know what im talking about right? - what the scream dude wears - minus the mask), and I was also lucky enough, because I have my contact lenses, to not have to wear a black-ed out face mask. And, I also got the luxury of being the very last room in one of the haunted houses - which means, Im the last thing people see, and my tactics - I've perfected them by now - is that I stand around the blind corner where guests cant see any inch of me - and of course - slide/jump/skip/*insert some other random movement here*, and shake and bang my handy-dandy shaker can (its basically a "can" shape of welded metal, with BB's and bolts and nails inside it and it makes an irritating loud noise when you bang or shake it - its really effective), so anyhow, we have about 11,000 guests in our park Sat night - and about 80% of them came through our house, we had people fall over eachother, step on eachother, scream and run, bolt through the entire house, etc... it rocked!! It was a much-needed boost for all of us.

Today - the reason I titled this entry what I did - was the start of "Cheer Fest" *GAGS*, I dont mind cheerleaders, but a couple thousand of them - umnothanks!. But, they are amazing to scare - very easy, and awesome. Next Sat and Sunday is the last part of Cheer Fest, so that will be 100 times better.

I ♥ My makeup tonight - I love it every night, but I really loved it tonight. So, heres a few pics that a friend of mine shot with her camera - and I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE them!!

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[User Picture]From: iheart_chameron
2007-10-19 04:57 am (UTC)
Ahaha, that is freaking awesome! And you're right, cheerleaders are VERY easy to scare. My friend James got us a couple of Michael Myers masks and we went and filled up a bunch of water balloons with fake blood and pelted the cheerleaders with them during their practice. It was priceless. Good times...good times.
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